Information about Total RowLocks



[This website is still under construction - please bear with us we will be ready soon!]

What is this?

Total Rowlocks is a peer-to-peer rowing marketplace aiming to help make rowing more accessible. We offer a platform to buy and sell second-hand kit, boats and offer/request services (such as coaching, photography and boat repairs). We do not take a commission from individuals.

Boat Club?

We also offer support for clubs to list their various kit offerings to their members all in one place – going on multiple websites to get club kit takes away precious time that could be spent in the boat or on the erg! If you’re a club interested in listing with us, email us and we’ll help get you set up.


We love rowing and believe in the benefits it gives to its participants, but it’s a very expensive sport to participate in. We hope that, by developing a website on which second-hand kit can be bought, the financial barrier to rowing can begin to be lowered. We’re also working on a variety of projects to give more people the opportunity to try rowing – if you’re reading this reckon you’re keen to get involved, please do get in touch!

What next?

We’re starting to work with companies to list their products on the site too. There are various ways we can do this and we’d love to chat to see how we can work together.


We’re only just starting so we’d love to hear your feedback – whack us an email at

We've only just opened - please bear with us while we iron out any issues! Feel free to contact us if have any problems :) Dismiss